Friday, February 14, 2014

My Two Year Blog Anniversary


My first year blogging was a learning experience. I still have no idea how certain things work, but I will figure it out. As they say, everything in due time.

I wanted to feature some of the most viewed recipes of 2013 on Best Of Long Island and Central Florida.

A big thank you  to every person who their shared recipes with me. Each recipe includes a link from the original recipe and all the pictures of the prepared recipes are my own personal photos. 

If you prepared and enjoyed any of my shared recipes, I would appreciate any comments and would love to hear from you.

Top Ten For 2013

Number  10

I remember making these in Gregory's kitchen. Our neighbor at the time came over for a visit and we shared a few of these cookies hot from the oven. I sent her home with a little "care" package home to her hubby. What's not to like?!!

Thank you Carol and Barbara Bakes for sharing this delicious recipe.

                                                  Chewy Biscoff Oatmeal Cookies

Number 9

Gabe and I love salsa. When I saw this recipe on Keeping It Together I knew we would enjoy it. Thank you Kelsey, it's now one of our favorites.

The little blue bowl I made in high school! It's amazing it survived this long.

                                                         Crisp Cucumber Salsa

Number 8

I remember the day I made this recipe. I was planing to grill the chicken before Gabe got home from the boat. About a half hour before he was due to get home, the sky got dark and it started to pour.  I needed something easy to prepare and I was lucky to have all the ingredients in the house that I needed.

The Naptime Chef was my source for this recipe. Can't get any easier and boy was this good.

                                                                                                  Grandma Pat's Oven Fried Chicken

Number 7

I spotted recipe this back in August. Carol posted the recipe and she adapted it from Barbara Bakes

This bread is delicious. 

                                                      Cinnamon Chip Zucchini Bread

Number 6

As you can tell, I love to make cookies. They are easy to make, can take them anywhere and I would be hard pressed to find a single person who doesn't like cookies!

Scarlett shared this recipe with me. It was the first cookie I made when I got back to NY. She kindly shared this link to  the recipe  with me.

Look at those sweet faces! All I heard was MORE, MORE!

                                                                                                       Scarlett's Amish Sugar Cookies

Number 5

There are two foods that are always in our house... bread and potatoes. 

I have made potatoes almost every night of our married life. Gabe's favorite is still mashed potatoes and a potato souffle I made many years ago.

Thank you for this wonderful recipe.

                                                              Honey Roasted Potatoes

Number 4

Another favorite cookie recipe of ours .  The kids in the neighborhood can't get enough of these! One of the boys brought home one to give to his Mom. When we took Max for his evening walk I saw the Mom. She asked if I owned a bakery! I just laughed and said no I just like to bake. She told me she loved the cookies and I whipped up another batch for them when they went back to Jersey.

The recipe is from Here.

I bought so many sprinkles in Florida this winter and can't wait to make this cookie with the new sprinkles for the kids. Sure hope they haven't given up cookies!

                                        Rainbow Sprinkle Cream Cheese Cookies

Number 3

We would eat at Sonny's Restaurant when we lived at Gregory's house.

I ordered ribs quite often and one night I wanted to try the "High Springs" Chicken. This is my adaption of the recipe.

Carol is my source for this recipe. This dish has also been called Alice Springs Chicken or Aussie Chicken.

Easy to make and enjoyed every single bite.

                                 High Springs Chicken AKA Aussie Chicken

Number 2

When I started the blog my original idea was to add some stories I liked and wanted to share. Also have a place where I can keep tract of the recipes I made.

I had no idea what "link parties" were. I was very lucky to meet some wonderful people that "host" parties and share a few recipes. I even had a few recipes featured!

Michelle's blog, Ms.enPlace is one of the blogs I to go to "party". If you get a chance, I hope you stop by and check out her little place on the web.

This recipe is her mom's and Gabe and I loved it.

Thanks Michelle's Mom!

Recipe rice-is-nice-but-taters-are-greater is a keeper.

                                                                                   Michelle Mom's Creole Oven Fries

                                                  Drum Roll..............................

Number 1

This cookie is delicious.  It is my all time favorite and by the number of hits this got, I hope others enjoy it also!

                                                     Jello Chocolate Chip Cookies



  1. WOW, Linda your 2 year Blog anniversary. I have so much enjoyed coming here most everyday ( yes I have missed some), and seeing what interesting recipe, pictures, stories and links you have shared with us. I am so glad that you started it, and I hope you continue for years to come. I have tried several of your recipes, and I have saved lots more to try when I have company. Today's post is a real memory maker, I tried to remember what I was doing that day. Thanks for being here for me and I am happy to have met some really nice "friends" on here. My congrats and best wishes for many more entries to come.

    1. Thanks so much Myra. You have been with me since day one and have encouraged me when I messed up and when I was searching for ideas, a butterfly would always flutter by pop a idea or two into my head.

      Now matter where I am, I will be there for you, that's what BFF's are for!

    2. I am so very proud of you. You didn't know a thing about this blogging, but you have done a great job and I am honored to be your BBF. Glad that my butterflies are helping you too. I know you are always there for me, as I am for you.

  2. Happy Blogaversarry to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND Happy Valentine's Day too.

    I've had such fun coming over to visit every day-there's always something wonderful to see here-and some really nice people to chat with too. I've had so much fun getting to know them.

    Oh my goodness-what have I made of yours? Grandma Pat's Oven Fried Chicken is amazing-we loved that. And don't get me started on how much we LOVE those Honey Roasted Potatoes........they're so good. I've also made the Jello Chocolate Chip Cookies before but mine sure weren't as pretty as yours are! I can't wait to try that cucumber slaw too. I know there's more recipes of yours that I've made that you blogged about-the Cheesy Cauliflower Pancakes ROCKED...and so didn't your Cowboy Caviar.

    Soooo many goodies to try up ahead too!

    Linda, you know those boys are gonna be waiting for you guys to pull in this summer-they want their COOKIE LADY back! :)

    Your blog is such a happy place to come and visit with my morning coffee........may you have many more years of enjoyment doing it.

    1. Carol- you inspire me every time you post a recipe. If you ever started a blog I know you would give the "Big Girls" a run for their money. I always learn something from the recipes you posted and your photos are amazing.

      Thank you SO much for your support. I know we will have many years ahead to share recipes and cookbooks.

  3. I'm so very proud of you... you started ' The Best of Long Island and Central Florida" two years ago and you've done a fabulous job with your blog. When you first began you told me that you wanted to post a variety of topics. The content of your blog is so varied and interesting.

    The recipes on your blog are delicious and reflect the good cook that you are. Mr. Gabe is one lucky man! He eats like a king! I am definitely trying the Jello Chocolate Chip cookie recipe. Yum!

    Keep up the good work... you're an amazing woman with lots of creativity and talent! I'm proud to call you my cousin/sister. :)

    Love, Dawn

    1. Cousin of mine- Well JessicaR, we made it to two years! I remember walking outside in High Springs and talking to you on the phone and tossing ideas out.

      I thank you for all your support and help, I know you always have my back.

      Love you!

  4. Yeah for you! Congratulations on two years! Many bloggers don't make it past year 1. I like that you included a top ten in this post...and that several of them are cookies (I love cookies!). Keep on blogging!

    1. Thanks Michelle, I'll be coming to See Ya in the Gumbo with this one on Tuesday. There's always something good happening over on your blog- Ms. enPlace.

      I hope you try a few cookie recipes- I'll be you can't just eat one!

      Thanks so much for your support.

    2. Thank you for stopping by and linking. I can't get those jello chocolate chip cookies out of my head!

  5. Linda I am so very proud of you . I remember when you sent me my first request to join. At first I couldn't really see the thing at the bottom to send my post and let you know I wasn't a robot. LOL..Now I learned to zoom so I can..I have enjoyed your blog and hope to continue to be with you in the years to come. You have been a wonderful friend from the first time I met you on the net. I have only continued to love you as a friend or kindrened Sister through the years. God Bless you Linda..Keep up the great work. If you build it they will come. Well you did and we came. Big Hugs to you..