Saturday, February 15, 2014

Herb Update

                                 Do you remember when they were this size?

I've been cutting cilantro ( left- front corner) chives (center front) dill is in the back and is going like crazy. The basil is huge and parsley is holding it's own.


  1. You sure have a nice herb garden there. I do remember when Gregory bought them for you. It is nice when all you have to do is walk a few steps and you have fresh herbs for your food. The basil looks so good. Love fresh basil.

  2. Wow I can see you talk to your herbs. They sure are thriving. Yes I too remember the first picture.

  3. Oh my gosh Linda-everything looks fantastic! What a treat to go snip some fresh herbs to put in your recipes. I'm jealous! I won't be picking any fresh herbs here until at least June-July. Gregory sure found the perfect gift for that gives long after Christmas.

  4. I love fresh herbs too. The only things that survived the heat here was my mint & Oregano. Your herbs look so healthy & beautiful.

    1. They did great in the house, I planted them outside when we left- I wonder if they are still alive