Friday, June 3, 2016

The Summer of Love has lasted 46 years in their house.

A little background info on this couple. The day the photo was taken was the first day they had met. She had taken some bad acid and was having a freakout. He separated her from her friends and quietly began reprogramming her. Basically for the past 46 years she has been his private french toast machine. She spends her waking hours in the kitchen and when he wants french toast she makes it

The story of the lady in the photo.Especially liked her comment referencing that the festival dedicated to peace and ending the war has a Marine on the cover. Really not astounding, as the rate of service was higher then, but still interesting.


  1. Very interesting read, Linda. I can remember all the stories about Woodstock. It is amazing that this man helped change her life and they are together after 46 years. This brings back many memories of life back then. I remember going to the Newport Jazz Festival with my girlfriend in her little yellow VW. She had a stick shift and I didn't know how to drive one. She wanted me to help with the driving. Ugh, what an experience that was. I also like how the photo has a butterfly on the staff. Makes my day.

  2. How wonderful to find a love that lasts.