Sunday, June 5, 2016

Tail wag- they're so happy to help out

The other TWO need to take some notes..

That dog is strong! That detergent is heavy.


  1. Oh boy, I sure could use that dog to help with the groceries. Yep, those other 2 should take lessons. Cute one.

  2. Our dog Tasha LOVED to help take groceries in. She would sit and wait for us to give her something to carry in. The propane delivery guy was here one day when I got home from grocery shopping and he was blown away watching her wait patiently for her item to carry. She'd bring it right into the kitchen and wait until someone took it from her to put on the counter. No one taught her-she just loved carrying things.

    That dog looks SO happy to be helping out-you're right Linda, that detergent box must have been HEAVY. His 2 buddies don't look too interested do they?

  3. I can just see my wee Maltese doing that for me. This is very cute..

    1. I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday but I can't write on your FB page! Hope you have a wonderful day.