Monday, October 21, 2013

MM 66 Weeks

Florida grass again! NOT happy that Luna isn't around and has no one to play with except us. Gabe has been doing lots of walks early and late in the evening due to the heat.

Max was excellent on the way down.The little prince had the whole back seat to himself and with the crate and his blankets he traveled first class.


  1. Oh geez hahahahaha-the little prince with the whole back seat! Did he sit up there and look out the window like he knew he was royalty?

    Is it super hot down there already?

    Oh I bet he misses Luna-and she misses him too!

  2. He is a prince that is for sure. He had his royal bed in the back and was waited on hand and foot. Maybe there is a dog park nearby to take him to and he can make new friends. Wish I could send Chase down to play with him. He is so so handsome, and all that is missing is his princess....hint, hint...

  3. Well how sweet is our MM Yes a true Prince. I wonder if Luna is heartbroken. Or if she is getting along with the new one on the block she chased away. Glad you made the trip in style Max.
    Linda its cold here. If you want some of it I will share this with you. Hi Ladies.