Monday, October 14, 2013

MM 65 Weeks

The Goodbye Kiss
 There's a new dog on the street- Ziggy. Ziggy is about 6 months old, tiny and loves to play. He's usually tied up but he does the great escape whenever Gabe is walking Max.

The first time they met, Ziggy took Max for a romp in the woods. Gabe had to send Luna after them to bring them back. 

Ziggy and Max were having a blast running around Luna's yard. Luna was NOT happy being the third wheel. She went after poor little Ziggy like he was a mortal enemy.

Poor little guy didn't know what was happening. One moment he was having fun and the next he's being run out of "town".

They say dogs don't show feelings. Tell that to one jealous Luna!


  1. Awwwwww-those 2 are gonna miss each other for sure. I wonder what it is about a 3rd dog stirring the trouble pot? Our 2 were fine together but let the dog across the street come along and our female would go crazy. Our 2 would fight and the neighbor's dog would stand on the other side of the fence and watch........good grief! I never understood it. Maybe it's a girl thing. They're the protectors I guess and feel like the other dog is intruding? Who knows..............

  2. I am laughing!! What a riot about the threesome. They sure do get jealous. I can imagine Luna is going to be so sad when you leave. Maybe she will make friends with Ziggy and the 3 can play nice when you get back to LI again. Chase is very jealous. If another dog comes along and steps a foot near me, boy does he come up to me and rub his butt on me. I believe that dogs have more feelings than anyone thinks. He barks like crazy when any one or any dog comes near the house when we are inside Out side he is not as bad.

    Wishing you all a great trip south, and will be looking forward to how Max likes the trip this year.

  3. Absolutely, dogs do indeed have feelings! Whoever said that is definitely not in tune with animals.

  4. I'm crying knowing the loneliness Luna and Max will feel. Maybe Luna will befriend Ziggy over the long months Max is away. God's speed to you all on your trip and keep you safe.