Monday, July 1, 2013

MM 50 weeks

Max has a birthday this month. His papers are in Florida so not sure what his birth date is. I sort of remember it was around Gabe's father's birthday which is the 7th. I'll go with that till I get back to Florida and check the date.

It's been so warm and I have admit, Max is a spoiled pup. He loves the a/c in Gregory's house and we don't have it in NY. We do have the bay that is walking distance and when he needs to cool off he can go for a swim.

We weren't sure if he would like the water and he was somewhat timid about going into the water. When we're on the road that leads to the bay now, he's excited and can't wait to get in.

                     Getting a few treats, see you in September Luna!


  1. LOVE today's Max Monday. How cute how excited he gets on the road to the bay. I bet he doggie paddles really well. The 2 buds will be happy to see each other in will be a summer of wondering and waiting, where is my friend?? Hope Max has a great birthday celebration. You could say it is on the 20th, cause that is Chase's birthday...Max Monday makes my week start off happy.

  2. DONE! We will celebrate both birthday on the 20th! Jake and family left Saturday and when Gabe walked Max he was pulling to go into Luna's yard. I know he misses her.

  3. Happy July birthday, Max! Now that is one happy puppy in the first photo. I'm so glad he likes the water-that makes cooling off easy-all you have to do is run when he gets out of the lake so you don't get soaked when he shake shake shakes!

    Awwww I bet he misses Luna something fierce. If the people renting the place have a dog, I hope they become fast friends.

    I agree with you Myra-Mighty Max Mondays are the PERFECT way to start the week with a smile. :)

  4. Awwwwwwww Linda. He sure is almost all grown up. He is Such a sweetheart. I know he loves the water. Just like Meadow. She is a real water rat too.

    Mighty Max Mondays ~ A very good thing. I will look forward to it each week.

  5. Talk about having a spring in ones step! Max is such an adorable pup. He seems to be enjoying his summer up North!