Tuesday, May 7, 2013


 I love Morton's. I try to get a walk in early, and if that doesn't work out I like going an hour before it gets dark.

The beach is on Peconic Bay and you can see the North Shore and Shelter Island.

The peninsula is in the background. The pole is set up for the Osprey to nest. 

The above cove is on the back side of Morton's and is also protected by Clam Island, which is the small island in the background. We had a small sailboat which Divingabe moored in the cove. It's also an excellent place to take our dogs for a swim. Rex, our first lab would clam. He would dig up a clam and then toss it in the air so it would break on the cement. Rex also loved the water and would run when we opened the gate. Rip would eat all the dead stuff along the shore and didn't care for the water. Max hasn't been down to the cove yet.
There are two trails. One directly to the beach and the other one via the woods. I usually take both when I walk it in the morning.


  1. So pretty..........and it looks so peaceful. You must miss it terribly when you're in FL.

    It will be fun to see how Max takes to the water.....should be interesting!!! :)

  2. How Beautiful, Linda. It must be so nice to have such nice places to walk. How different dogs are. Rex and Rip and now Max....I am wondering also how he will take to the water. Max seems like a real explorer, so he might just dive in. Love these pictures and today's blog.