Monday, May 6, 2013

MM 42 Weeks

Gabe put Max on the floor after this photo was taken and he barked and barked! He wanted to get back on his lap!
It was cool yesterday and my Divingabe started the woodstove for me. Max had to come over and see if I was looking at any good recipes.
At play! He LOVES to play with Luna and she comes over and looks in the patio door and they are off to stir up the dirt.


  1. *Smile* That is one Big Teddy Bear ! lol

    He doesn't know he is a dog does he? Adorable.
    Nothing like a nice fire. We have a out door chimnehia (sp) so we have little fires as well. We mostly burn the treated logs. Just enough for the effect and they do give off a little warmth. Otherwise Mr cuts up untreated pallets and we burn small pieces of wood. Its more for the effect. But we so enjoy it. It just seems to top off the evening.


  2. Hahahahah-Gabe ain't got a whole lotta spare lap when Max is sitting on it! That's too cute. And don't they LOOOOOVE helping when you're sitting on the floor. Did he give 2 paws up to any new recipes?

    I pictured Luna a whole lot different...I don't know why. Too funny that she sits at the patio door looking if to say "Can Max come out and play now?" I'm tellin' ya Linda all these dogs lack is speech. It looks like Luna gives him a good workout running around-he must be all tuckered out after playing with her. It's so good that he has a "friend" to play with......good for both of them.

    Oh my gosh-you had the wood stove going and it was up over 70 degrees here-a great day to stir up the black flies raking. Your warm weather is's good that you have the wood stove to take the chill out of the house. It must be a shock to the system too after leaving the warm FL weather-although you had your share of cool temps there too.

    Don't worry-summer's a comin'-we'll be melting in the heat in no time! :)

  3. Good morning to you both, and to Linda.....OMG, I can't believe Max on Gabe's lap. How funny is this? He must come up to Gabe's face when he stands on his hind legs. I agree Carol, dogs are more human than we give them credit for. I wish they could speak, and tell us what they think. This morning my Chase, went out, and his hair was standing up. He was sniffing all my neighbor's lawns, and would not come in the house. He stood there looking at me, as if to say, something is not right here. I just wish he could have told me what it was.

    So cute how Max was helping you pick out recipes. He knows where the good meals come from for sure. Luna and Max make such a cute pair. The color contrast is just so beautiful.

    Love Max Mondays, they start my week off with a big grin.

    Happy Monday all.