Monday, April 8, 2013

MM 38 Weeks

New experience for Max last week. We spent a day in Key West, which is a fabulous place. I wanted to take the train which does a historical tour. Gabe didn't want to do the tour and said he would walk Max. Nothing like throwing the little man into the fire! Tons of people to deal with, other dogs, chickens and he was very good! Gabe was shocked. We never knew he could behave, there's still hope that he will turn out to be a good dog.

Restaurants in Key West were dog friendly. A few years ago a very drunk lady fell over a dog which was under a table. She sued and dogs are no longer welcome. The above place is dog friendly, outside. No problem for us, we love eating outside.

Max was served his own drink with plenty of ice! People that walked by loved him. They asked first if they could "pat" him and he sure loved all the attention!


  1. Oh my gosh Linda-that first photo of Max, he looks SO grown up. What a good boy leaving the chickens alone.... :)

    A woman fell over a dog UNDER a table and sued? Now THAT was quite the trick-sheesh. Only takes one to put the brakes on it for all.

    Glad you found a place that still welcomes puppies. I bet people went crazy over Max-what's NOT to love? :)

    Thanks for starting my Monday off with a smile.


  2. Loved these pictures.....Max is going to be the best dog ever. He is on his best behavior when he is in public, which is wonderful. All kids and dogs act up at home. How come the lady was UNDER the table to begin with? Sounds very strange to me. Glad you found a place that gave Max his own wonderful. MM Mondays are the best.

  3. Look at That Big Boy ! He is so Handsome. And he looks very relaxed! How nice.
    Fla is very good with pets. He looks well at home and yes very disciplined.

    Great Photo. Thanks as always for sharing.