Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Myra!

 Myra is the wind beneath my wings.  She's also the sister I never had.

I "met" her when I joined a group on the internet, OWBB (older women bulletin board). I was lucky to establish a few lasting friendships with Myra and Paddi and Dottie.

Myra has been a strong supported of this blog. She has commented on every post from day one and today this post is just for her to show how special she is to me.

Myra my friend-you understand my past and believe in my future and accept me just the way I am. I wish you all the happiness and health in the year to come. Happy, Happy Birthday!

Butterfly Hugs!


  1. Oh my Linda, what a beautiful way to begin my day. You are a very special "sister" to me. I will always be thankful that I found the OWBB all those years ago. We shall be friends forever, and hopefully we shall get together again someday soon. Thank you so so much for the wonderful Butterflies you always find for me. Lots of hugs always !!!

  2. Happy Birthday Myra. It really sounds like you have imspired this special lady named linda.

    That truly does make you a very, very special friend. There are times that we could use a little Guardian Angel.

    And it's wonderful that you are that very special friend/Sister !

    Have a wonderful day. Butterflies are beautiful.


  3. Wow what a beautiful tribute to such a lovely Lady. I am so blessed to know Myra, Linda and Paddi. God bless you all and special Birthday wishes to you dear dear Myra. Big Birthday Hugs Dear Friend. Linda those cupcakes look Sooooooo good. Hugs, Dottiemaye

  4. Thank you Janie. It is so amazing that some of the people I have met online over the years are so much a part of my life. Some of them, such as Linda, have become closer to me than some of my own family. Dottie is a very special friend also. We have been through so many ups and downs over the years. I can remember when I first joined the OWBB group, my husband said how do you know who these people are, they could be stalkers. Well, I proved him so wrong. Of course there were some who were not very good, but for the most part, most of them I am still friends with and wouldn't give them up for the world. I think it is sometimes easier to write your feelings down and have someone who is not connected directly help you sort them out. Thank you for being here for me.

  5. Your welcome Myra. I met Linda on the Taste Of Home on line Recipe Board in 04 I think? We have been steady friends for many years now.

    Oh how we traded Recipes and Dog stories. Mostly about her first dog. She took a Bb break, but on occasion still kept in touch.

    I was so glad to see her pop into our little recipe chat post.

    The name Jj. Refers to Jittery Jeff. lol . I do a lot of recipe reviews on the Recipe board and I was working on one of her Recipes to review! She said be Jittery the whole night worrying about my Review.

    My name M/m came about as a result of constanly following each other on this same board.

    Mutt & Jeff is what we called our selves. After doing such a glowing review I was dobbed Merry Mutt !

    Its a cute story so I thought I'd share it !

    We plan to meet this summer. Hope ya can join us.


  6. Happy Belated Birthday Myra! I'm so glad I've gotten the chance to "meet" you here on Linda's blog. She's a sweetheart that's for sure. I too am blessed to call her friend. How wonderful that you found and formed such a deep friendship with her, Paddi and Dottiemaye (who I am waving HELLO, nice to meet you! to). Our online friendships are the best. :)

    I hope your birthday was filled with butterfly smiles and sunshine-and wishes for wonderful days to come.


  7. Janie, it was so nice to read your post about "Mutt & Jeff". You must be a great review writer. It is funny how we come to have our so called "names" online. When I first started posting on BB's...I tried to think of something that would not make my real identity known. My "Name" I picked was "Mimsie"....you will never believe how I came up with that. When I was a little girl....long long ago, we used to play this ball game "A Mimsie, a Clappsie, I twirl my hands to Bapsie....so I picked Mimsie. So strange how after all those years I thought of that game. The name stuck...but I use my real name sometimes now, since who would ever want MOI ???

    I did meet Linda, and we had a great time for the little time we had to spend. Hopefully one day we will do it again. This summer my main trip will be to Fl for my son's wedding. I am still trying to find a place to leave my dog, he has NEVER been away from me, and he will be 8 in July. I am a nervous wreck.

    Carol....thanks so much for the Birthday wishes. I am very happy to have met you also on this blog. I agree. Online friendships are the BEST !! I did have a great birthday, and am still celebrating with friends this weekend.