Friday, April 5, 2013

Along US1 Islamorada, Florida

This spiny lobster name is "Betsy". The sculpture welcomes you to the arts and crafts village. Awesome stop on the overseas highway. A quirky blast of bright colors, beautiful hand-made art and crafts. I didn't buy anything  but saw quite a few things that I sure would like to own!


  1. WHOA! I didn't know WHAT was comin' at me when I opened the blog this morning. Hahahahaha-now THAT is what I call a lobster!

  2. This sure is a big one !! Betcha someone would wish that it was real. LOL had me laughing.

    Is this the key you are visiting ? Sounds like you are having some fun exploring. Looking forward to some more Pics.

  3. Lol. Our Lobsters look just like that ! No claws. The meat is slightly stronger.

    Bet there is some very interesting stuff in that shop. Love hand made items.