Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Diving Museum

If there is anything related to diving you know my Divingabe either has to see it or has already experienced it.

We were told this little museum was a must see.

I added photo from the museum to Shutterfly Pictures.  Click on pictures if you would like to see additional photos.


  1. I enjoyed seeing these pictures on Shutterfly. It is really amazing how the diving gear looked so heavy from years ago. It is a wonder that no one was kept underwater from it. Well, maybe they were, but we won't know. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. Gm All,

    How interesting ! I am not one for diving but I really enjoy seeing under water life.

    While vacationing in Barbados last year we took a submerine dive. It went down 150 feet. The sea life was awesome. We also saw a sunken ship. The activity through and around it was amazing.
    I was so thrilled because that is the closest I will ever come to actually seeing sea life up and personal.

    I cannot imagine what Gabe has seen in all of the years he has been diving.

  3. Wow-what a cool place that guys must have had a ball looking at all those exhibits. I'm with Myra-that old diving gear looks like it was heavy as lead.

  4. They have come a long way. Great photos. Thank you Linda.

  5. It's amazing how diving gear has evolved over the years. The earlier gear looks so cumbersome and a bit claustrophobic! Thanks for the photos.