Monday, April 1, 2013

MM 37 Weeks

                                                       Loves to dig!

You can almost hear what he's thinking- how can I get in that pot and get to that soil! He's not tall enough to get in it and would never jump. Gabe still has to help him in the car. Spoiled? Oh yeah.


  1. Max is not spoiled, just very well loved !!! The face on him says what do you mean you aren't going to help me in ? Digging in the yard, maybe you should train him to dig up the weeds ! Thanks for sharing Max, he makes my day.

  2. I so agree Myra-he's just "spoiled" with love-and that ain't a bad thing!

    I love that second photo-oh yes indeed you can see those wheels turning in his head thinking that would be SOOO much fun to dig in.

    He probably doesn't look at digging as "digging".....more he's aerating the lawn-look at the money he's saving you-costs big bucks for the lawn service to come all you have to do is teach him that aerate doesn't mean a crater size hole!

    He's just too cute for me. Thanks for my Monday smile Linda :)


  3. Gm J/j. Look at that handsome Pup ! How adorable is He*

    You say Spoiled? No way !

    Have a great Day,


  4. He's adorable and I'm still lovin' that blue collar. He looks so handsome in blue!