Monday, December 3, 2012

MM 20 weeks

Divingabe and Max get the mail everyday. Max likes to "help" and carry something back. He's usually pretty good about giving the junk mail back to us but this one he decided he needed to dispose of .

            Hilltop Animal Hospital had Santa on saturday.
Max was one of the many pups that whispered what he wanted to the jolly man.


  1. Junk mail confetti.......YIKES! Ya caught him in the act. :)

    And I just LOVE that photo of Max with Santa....that's one happy puppy for sure.

  2. What a perfect Christmas card that would make! Just beautiful!!

  3. Love the Max and Santa picture. He is surely one happy puppy. Ha you have your own personal paper shredder. Just give Max all the papers you don't want and he will be happy and think of the money you save on toys !!

  4. Hey, it could be pine cones instead of newspaper! Cute photo with Santa!~Aurora