Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bell Christmas Parade

This is our second year spending the Christmas season in warm weather. Last year we went to the Alachua Christmas parade and yesterday morning I saw in the Lake City Journal that Bell was having a parade.

Max loved it. The kids from the Bell Safety Patrol loved him and they tried to sneak in a candy cane as a treat. I thanked them but told them he didn't need any extra energy, he had enough!


                                                        Mean Old Mr. Grinch

                                                                     The Elf

 They were throwing candy from all the cars, tractors, people on horseback and a few floats. Most of the candy landed on the road. I had a good time picking it up and giving it to the little kids.

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  1. The parade looks like it was great fun. Elfman is sure ready for Santa. Who could not love Max, he is just so adorable.