Wednesday, October 10, 2012


If you're at a sit-down Chinese restaurant that serves kettles of hot tea, you don't have to flag down waiters and ask for refills when it empties. Simply flip the lid upside down, or if it has a hinged top, flip it up, and leave it that way. This is a universal indicator for a tea refill request. You can flip the lid, then carry on with your eating and socializing. You probably won't even notice when the kettle is swapped for a fresh one, since Chinese restaurant service is usually very speedy.

Uses for empty baby jars-

1.   Awesome for spices. They have really wide mouths that you can fit your measuring spoons into; a lot of the containers they generally come in are too narrow.

2.  Use glow in the dark paint to paint small dots along the inside, once dry put in a small scoop of glitter and fill with water. cute decoration for a kids room/ night light-ish.

3   Miniature terrariums with small pieces of moss and forest things. I even had a few small mushrooms growing in one I had a few years ago. Only requires a few drops of water every week.

This Blog had quite a few ideas and wonderful photos!

I was looking to buy Max dogfood online and found this site. They summarize info from many areas

Last tip check out this link.  I don't know about you but how can you be paranoid at a ATM, giving your credit card to a waiter and having him disappear makes me nervous!


  1. did you find the food for Max? There is another place online that I heard about, I just go and buy it at Petsmart.

    Good tips about the ATM. It is scary how some can do lots of harm.

  2. Thank you for all these useful tips. I especially like the idea of using baby food jars for spices. Most spice jars are indeed too narrow for measuring spoons to fit in. I'll give this a try. As far as the ATM machine goes... some people are very devious with too much time on their hands. I would hope that ATM machines would have cameras focused on them and hopefully would catch on tape anyone trying to tamper with the machine. ~Aurora