Monday, October 8, 2012

MM 12 Weeks

                                                                   Think he's happy?

                                              Two paws up! Two still on the ground.

Max has totally bonded with Divingabe. He waits patiently while he's in the shower. He doesn't cry, just waits till he's out.


  1. Max is looking like one Happy Puppy. So cute how he sits outside the shower and waits for Gabe. I hope that by the time you leave for Florida, he will be good to travel. Just love MM Mondays.

  2. Max is sooooo adorable. I love the photo of him looking up from the floor. He has such a sweet ear to ear smile on his face! I'm sure that Max will be fine in the car for the trip down to Florida. ~Aurora

  3. HAHAHAHAHA! He's so dang cute! Love how he sits vigil waiting for Gabe........too funny.

    He's one happy baby that's for sure,