Monday, September 3, 2012

Washington Square Park

When I was in the city I stayed in an apartment which is next to Washington Square Park .The park isn't large, it's about 10 acres and in 1889 the arch was built to celebrate the centennial of George Washingtons inauguration.

Below is the view of the park from the apartment. It's also pretty around christmas. A tree is placed in the opening of the arch and gorgeous tiny white lights on it make the park feel magical.

The park unfortunately isn't the safest place to be now. It was also a problem years ago and Giuliani cleaned up the city and the parks. NYC mayor Bloomberg seems to be concerned about how much soda people should be able to buy and that new mothers should nurse and not bottle feed their babies. 

I took this picture around 5:30 in the morning. The park was still "officially" closed. I wanted to get take some photos before it got crowded.
This photo is looking up 5th Ave.
Empire State Building in background.

The photo below is taken from the other side of arch. Looking downtown, the financial district.
Notice WTC, not finished.

Another shot of WTC, taken outside of the park.
 Below -morning in the park
Done with chalk

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  1. I really enjoyed seeing these pictures. You have such a great eye for taking the best shots. Since I haven't been to NYC in many many years, it is so nice to be able to travel there through these.