Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bucket List

I don't have many things on my "bucket" list and what I do have I want to try to get done before I get to old and physically unable to enjoy them. The walk across the bridge isn't long but you have to be alert. New Yorkers who run and bike don't especially like "tourist" and will get aggressive. My cousin will be the first to tell you that you don't want to mess with me when I'm totally focused on doing something! There's also our move to Florida. Once we move I'm sure I won't be back, thus the reason for getting it done now.

The Brooklyn Bridge was on the list and very happy to say it's been done!!!

My grandmother was born in Brooklyn and use to tell stories about what it was like growing up in the "city". She would roller skate across the bridge. There's a very small wooden section left that might be from earlier times. I thought about her when I started my walk across the bridge.

People leave locks along the bridge, as a symbol of their love. There were quite a few on the bridge awhile back but the bridge has parts that are under construction and unfortunately they were removed.A New York newspaper The Daily News had an article that stated tourist were leaving the locks,love has not boundaries and I'm sure many local people had locks on the bridge also.   


Next on the list: Scuba in the keys to see underwater Jesus.


  1. LOVED this !!!! It is so wonderful that you have a bucket list, and are doing the things on it. How neat that there was a wedding picture being taken there. What a view. And the bonus is the PROOF ! You look awesome !! I love seeing the pictures of the places you go, it makes me feel like I am there also.

  2. Great photos of the Brooklyn Bridge! I wish I could have been there to walk across the bridge with you. Oh, and Divingabe's wife is right... don't mess when she's focused on something! I'm loving the photos of your trip into NYC. ~Aurora

  3. Way to go Linda!! Good for you. The only way I'd make would be to hang onto the back of your shirt. lol

    Great Photos !


  4. Linda loved the photo's and yes indeed you look wonderful..