Thursday, September 6, 2012


                          We didn't know what our puppy looked like and
                          FINALLY got a photo and I wanted you to meet

                                      3 more days till we pick him up!

                                                                             Does he look like a Roc? Max? Boo?


  1. Awwwww, he is just so adorable. I wanna hold him and hug him and give him rubs. He is so pretty. Love the shading of his fur. At first I thought of Boo, but then said no, since you have used that name as a pet name for Rip. I think Max. You wanted to go to a different letter since he is a different color. I know you both will come up with the perfect name, and I can't wait to see you holding him.

  2. Linda, What a beauty. Just look at that adorable face. This youngster is going to grow into Roc. But I agree with your other friend. Whatever you name him will be perfect.

    He could not have found a better home in which to grown up in. He certainly is going to have a time of his life. Filled with so much Love. And I see some adventure as well.

    Now Linda, Try Not To Spoil Him Too Much !

    Best of Luck



  3. Ohhhhhhhhh Linda........I want to hug him and squeeze him and call him......MAX! Had we gotten dogs again we were going to get a male and female and call the female Mia and the male Max.

    He is just precious-and will keep ya hoppin' I bet-those 4-legged little kids do!

    Have tons of fun with him,


  4. Aww... your little puppy is SOOOOOO adorable!!! What a sweet little face and he definitely looks like a mighty little MAX! I just want to hug this little fella! I know you're SO excited to get your little guy in a few days, and I'm excited for you and Divingabe! I can't wait to meet this new addition to your family, he's one lucky little pup to have you two as a mommy and daddy! ~ Aurora

  5. I think he looks like a Boo, since he is playing peek a boo with whatever is under that thing in the 2nd picture.
    He is so cute. Elaine

  6. My first thought was Boo . Then Samson.. He is so sweet. I can't wait to see you cuddling Him either . I am so happy for you Linda. Hugs, Dottiemaye