Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kobra Mural


                                                                             Street level photo
                                                 This mural is under The Kiss from WWll .

                    I posted a video of Kobra painting
                   this a few weeks ago. Video is here

Update- found on 9/12/18 - This LINK shows that the mural was painted over-


  1. This is a very colorful rendition of this "famous kiss" photo. I also love Kobra's other mural of the bustling city street. Thank you for sharing the photos of these murals. I sure do wish I could have seen them in person! ~ Aurora

  2. These murals are so awesome. I watched the video, and it takes so much patience to do this. I also wish I could have seen them in person, but seeing them here, makes me feel like I am.