Monday, September 10, 2012

Meet Mighty Max

 Saturday VERY heavy rain driving upstate and it rained all day. Sunday morning it was raining but when we drove in to get him, the sun came out!

I wanted Divingabe to be the first to hold him. Loved it. Max is the puppy were were meant to have.

                   Waiting for Pop to get done with the paper work so we can head to Long Island.
                   Considering the length of the trip he was excellent, on my lap the whole trip. 

Not thrilled with the tile in the kitchen but loves the yard, we can't let him go in the woods yet but I can tell when he gets older I know he's going to love it and wait till he discovers the water!

He woke up once last night and went straight to the door in the bedroom. He was awake for awhile and we brought him on the bed. I put him on my chest and held him and waited for him to go back to sleep then put him back on his blanket.

I'm up at 5:30, composing this post and he's still asleep!

                                                           First morning in his new home


  1. LOVE the picture of Gabe holding him. You can see the love. He is so adorable. Lots of bonding moments on the way home in your lap. Can't wait to read more stories and wish I was there to hug him. How much does he weigh now? He is such a pretty color and the shading is amazing. I wish you 3 the best of everything.

  2. The photo of Gabe and Max is sooo adorable! Max is one beautiful pup. I can't wait to meet the little fella. I'm so happy for the three of you! Love, Aurora

  3. The Photo of Gabe and Max is awesome. I am so happy for you with your new Son Max..Happy Days Ahead with this little fellow..He looks bigger than my Girls . LOL And He is still a Puppy...Give him a kiss on his cheeks for me ..Hugs..