Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11...... 11 years ago

Everyone reading this knows what and where they were when they heard the news. I wasn't home, I was working.

It was a beautiful,crisp, fall day. I went in early and part of my job was to drive. I drove the person to where she needed to be and would be back in an hour. I went to one of the stores to look around and the cashier asked me if I heard what happened. I raced back to get the woman and wondered if she knew. Crazy thing was  WE were suppose to be in the city that day. Her son was opening a new store downtown and the grand opening was on 9/11. He wanted her to come in and she didn't want any part of the city. He told her he would get a limo and drive the two of us in and she still didn't want to go. Someone was watching over me.

 After I told her what happened I drove her back to the house. I was done for the day as far as I was concerned and raced to see divingabe. He knew about it and now we had a problem- our puppy.

Rip was from a breeder in Pennsylvania and was suppose to fly in 9/12.  Our DS, who had just started his job in the gulf knew we were getting a puppy and we had to pick up the puppy at Kennedy. The big problem was- he didn't know what day we were going in. All the cell lines were down, calls couldn't get in anywhere in the area. He was scared, he thought we had gone in to pick up Rip. When we finally got in touch ( via land line) assured him we were ok. We wanted our dog, and left the next day to bring him home. Going over the bridge I will never forget the smell from the site. The firetrucks filled with exhausted men, all I could do was cry.
I went into the city in October. The above was taken somewhere downtown. All the photos were taken the same day in October except the last one. 

The fence around the site didn't have a space open to hang anything. Flowers, flags, signs, tee shirts, pictures of lost ones- were all hung around the site.

This is the front of Trinity Church.  The line to get to the site went on for blocks. People needed to pay their respects. I remember hearing on the radio firemen asking the public to attend funerals for fallen brother firemen. Everyone was needed at the site to try to find someone alive. It was heart wrenching.
 Have you ever heard about Rick Rescorla? He's a true unsung hero. I never heard anything about him on the news or read any articles about him. Amazing to think of how many people he saved by going through with an evacuation.The thought that he made it out of the tower alive and then went back to save his employees is without a doubt a true hero. 
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  1. This blog post brought tears to my eyes and goosebumps on my body. Yes, someone was watching over you not letting you go to the city that day. I never realized that you got Rip at that time. I now realize how special he was to you, and the days after he came must have been such a comfort. I will never forget 9/11. I was home that day, and when I heard the news all I could do was sit and stare at the TV and watch the horror unfold. My prayers and thoughts are with everyone who lost loved ones, and with the ones who came to be our heroes. These pictures are wonderful. Thank you for this.