Thursday, May 25, 2023

Tomato Pride!!!


Maribel, my neighbor. She has lived in the neighborhood as long as we have.

I have always loved to garden and can't remember not growing something. Maribel - not.

She grew up in NYC then moved to Miami. The house across from us is the first house she has lived in. As an apartment person she never had the ability to grow flowers or veggies. Then a pushy old lady told her all about gardening.

She started out a few years ago redesigning the front of her house. She drew the design and from there it was no stopping her.

All the plants she personally picked out and did a wonderful job.

It looked great but it needed some color. Maribel picked up LOTS of hanging baskets and placed them around the newly designed yard.  It looked nice but the baskets were on the ground. Old lady mentions maybe she should look into Shepard hooks. Her hubby went on Amazon and bought her a bunch of hooks and her house looks like something out of house beautiful. 

She decided we wanted to try growing veggies. I knew she could but she wasn't so sure especially after her banana tree was demolished by some animal.

The tomato plants are babied. She takes them out only between the house of 12 to 4. After their few hours in the sun it's back in the porch where they are secure from critters who would love to taste test them.

I was honored to be given the very first RED tomato she grew❤

This was SO GOOD! Memories of summer back home on Long Island.


  1. Hello, my dear what a honor to be on your blog. Must tell how it tasted with pictures once you cut into. Your knowledge/teaching of planting veggies and the purple & yellow & red flowers I’ve experienced the beauty of gardening. GOD knows the perfect remedy the outside, enjoy nature and my beautiful neighbor Mrs. Linda. Love you

    1. I can never express how much it means to me to guide you in your new gardening endeavor. Having the tomato for lunch and will text you a photo!

  2. I love this blog post. So nice to meet you, Maribel. Your tomatoes look so beautiful. Wish I lived close by to get some from you. Linda is the best, and she will give you the best ideas for growing veggies and flowers. She is also a GREAT friend, and you are lucky to have her so close to you. Happy Eatings !!

    1. Oh how I wish you were closer, just think of the yummy tomato sandwiches we could enjoy together.