Thursday, May 13, 2021

Instant Pot Kale, Cabbage & Red Onion


1-2 cups chopped cabbage

4-5 cups chopped kale

1 medium red onion- chopped finely

bacon bits*- See note below

I 1/2 cup chicken broth

brown sugar- I add about 1 tsp. but add to your taste

1 tablespoon cider vinegar


Add cabbage to food processor and chop

If using fresh kale, remove the leaves. Chop.

Add both cabbage and kale to Instant Pot.

Sprinkle bacon bits on top of cabbage and kale and mix in along with the chopped red onion.

Add chicken broth, cider vinegar and brown sugar to a small bowl - combine then pour over the above.

Set IP on high for 26 minutes. QR after the 26 minutes.

Note: I have LOTS of kale in my garden that I need to use before the weather gets in the 90's ( which is gonna happen pretty soon)

The bacon bits are from Walmart. I buy Real Bacon Pieces- 2.5 ounce package. It's cheap about 1 dollar something. I added half the  bag to the instant pot combination.


  1. I know you get lots of Kale. I hope you can use it all before it gets hotter. I use those bacon pieces also. Great for lots of things. Not my type of recipe, but you know I like to read them.

    1. since Mey is in Maryland I cut all her kale and gave it away. I still have some in the garden and ordered seeds for the fall to plant.