Friday, July 31, 2020

2 Ingredient Sherbet Recipe-Quick and Easy No Churn!



1 – 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk
4 to 5  frozen sliced bananas* ( you can use any fruit)


1. Add bananas and half the can of the sweetened condensed milk to your blender or food processor and blend.

2. Give the mixture a taste and add more sweetened condensed milk as needed, continue blending until creamy. I used the whole can.

3-Serve the sherbet right away as soft serve or spread into a shallow dish and freeze for an hour or two to achieve firmer more ice cream like consistency

WOW! This is delicious 😀 I always have some frozen fruit and plenty of condensed milk. Can't wait to try other fruits- peach, strawberry( use 4 cups) and blueberries.

Perfect to cool down on a hot day and we have been getting lots of them.

* my bananas very large ones


  1. Sounds yummy Linda.....I am trying to watch my sugar. Will have to check out how many carbs are in this. I have some frozen pineapple, would love to try this with it.

    1. I need to pick up some pineapple also, bet it will be good :-)

    2. I have made something like this with non fat coconut milk. It is really good. I used frozen pineapple. I did check out condensed milk and it does contain lots of sugar. Sometimes I add some whipped topping to make it creamy.

  2. This is good..I think I made this before..I will try it again..Like Myra says I will have to check on the Sugar.

    1. Dottie! How could you of kept this yummy recipe to yourself! LOL I love this!!!!