Sunday, October 7, 2018

Bear released from captivity on a bile farm enjoying simple pleasures.

 This is wonderful!

When I saw bile- a farm?

In some Asian countries they keep the bears on farms to collect the bile for traditional medicines.

Bear bile is sometimes actually used in real medicine. The trick is,  how to do it synthetically, so they don’t need real bears anymore. Some dogs take Ursodial for poor livers, and it is made from chemicals that you normally find in Bear Bile. Hence the name, Ursodial. 

 Ursodial is also used for  rare allergic reactions to Etodolac causing a persons liver to shut down and not break down bilirubin in blood causing extreme itching . Reaction to Etodolac also causes severe vomiting and weight loss can be as much as 30 lbs in a few weeks. Ursodial restores liver function.

 “Urso” in Ursodial is from the Latin Ursa for bear.

Personal note: Love that the above bear is enjoying life, just wish all bears could be as happy. Wish they could come up with a synthetic version.


  1. Awwww the bear is so happy. We had a baby bear in our basement for the winter when I was young and lived on the farm. Dad let it out in the spring. It came back to Den for the next winter and Dad told him to go and he left to find a place other then our basement. I never knew about the bile. I learned something new. Thank you Linda..

    1. Dottie, this is so amazing that you had a baby bear in your basement. How interesting that he came back every winter. Wonder how he knew it was time to move on.

  2. What a wonderful post. That bear is enjoying himself so much. I want to get in there with him. Animals who are in captivity look so unhappy.

  3. Interesting story about the bile. you sure come up with the most interesting links