Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Blind owner Michael Hingson with his guide dog Roselle

 Roselle led him and 30 others down 78 stories out of the World Trade Center on 9/11.

Roselle was asleep under her owner's desk on the 78th floor in Tower 1 of the World Trade Center when the attack commenced. She was awakened by the plane impacting some fifteen floors above them. Roselle calmly helped Hingson to stairwell B, despite the smoke, confusion and noise surrounding her.

She led her owner and 30 other people down 1,463 steps out of the tower. After descending over half the distance, they passed the firemen who were heading up, who Roselle stopped to greet. The descent took just over an hour. Just after they exited the tower, Tower 2 collapsed, sending debris flying. Hingson later said, "While everyone ran in panic, Roselle remained totally focused on her job, while debris fell around us, and even hit us, Roselle stayed calm." Once clear, Roselle led her owner to the safety of a subway station, where they helped a woman who had been blinded by falling debris. Once they arrived home, Roselle immediately began playing with her retired guide dog predecessor, Linnie, as if nothing important had happened.

Roselle was the last form of unconditional love those firefighters experienced before the towers fell.


  1. God bless our furbabies. Roselle did her job well.

    1. Yes she did! I'm reading her story Thunder Dog. You can get it for 99 cents on amazon!

  2. What a great dog and a real hero.