Sunday, August 26, 2018

Katherine Johnson

Today is Katherine Johnson's  100th birthday. Do you know who she is?  Did you watch the Hidden Figures movie?

Katherine is an amazing lady.  She graduated college at 18 in 1937. Think about that. The very first female and one of only 3 African Americans to enter into the graduate program at her college. Think of how incredibly hard it must have been to find a job as a black woman back then.  NACA was still segregated when she took a job there. Think of all the adversity this amazing woman had to over come, and all the history she helped write, and she did it all including having a family.

One of few women to get men to ask for directions.

For her services she was awarded the highest civilian award of the United States, The Presidential Medal Of Freedom


  1. I had never heard of Katherine Johnson before I saw this. I read the link you printed, and wow, what an amazing lady she is. She really has done what so many women and men will never do in their lifetime. Happy 100 th Birthday to Katherine. Thanks LInda for sharing. I learn something new everyday.

  2. I recall hearing about this Lady. I remember seeing that gentle face. God bless her heart. She deserved the award..

  3. Yes! Katherine Johnson is a native West Virginian, born in White Sulphur Springs, WV. On this past Saturday (august 25th), West Virginia State University honored her with a bronze statue dedication. She and her family were in town for the honorary ceremonies. Here's a link: