Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Where cinnamon comes from

There are a few different varieties that are "cinnamon." The stuff we get in the US normally is from those thicker, smaller curls (cassia). The stuff in the Video looks more like the "hotter" Vietnamese type (sometimes called "Ceylon" or "true" cinnamon).

The sticks you buy in stores is just cinnamon oil mixed with sawdust, then pressed into shape. Real cinnamon bark is flaky.

Many in the US call it 'Mexican cinnamon' because Ceylon is used primarily for Mexican food while cassia (the cheap stuff) is used for basic cinnamon needs in the US.

Cassia is very strong and spicy, it isn't fake cinnamon. It's still part of the cinnamon family. It's just cheaper and easier to harvest. Ceylon is more delicate and mildly sweet, far better tasting


  1. Interesting. I love cinnamon. It is amazing how many different types of spices there are and different kinds of each spice. I would love to taste the Cassia. It must be so much better than what I use.

  2. Cinnamon is one of my favorite all time spices...I use it in sweet AND savory recipes. I love love LOVE Saigon cinnamon...it has such a nice punch of warm flavor. It's all I use now. Ceylon cinnamon is super mild...I had gotten some in a Penzey's spice order a few years back-very delicate but still tasty.