Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Columbia County 2015 Fair

We don't go on the rides, just walk around and take photos  in the  arts and crafts building.

The Koala bears were made from newspaper and the tree a brown bag


  1. I used to love going to fairs like many fun things to see....people are so creative. That crocheted doily in the frame is the painted gourd too.

    Oh and NO WAY did I go on rides....I prefer my feet planted firmly on the ground not spinning around in the air or going up and down on a roller coaster......NOOOOOO THANKS!

  2. The crochet items are my favorites. I miss selling my crafts. My hands don't work the way they ued to. I so enjoyed going to craft fairs. Its been a long time for me to enjoy that also.

  3. I loved the canning goods and hand made clothing at the LA county fair here. so many talented people. I'm with Carol, I steer clear of the rides.