Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sniffer and Tinni

 Tinni lives in Norway with his owner Torgeir Berge, a photographer. 

While walking in the woods Tinni met Sniffer- a red fox. The dog and the fox didn't know they are suppose to be enemies. They are now BFF's!

Check out this wonderful page to see the photos and hope you  watch the video.


  1. First off what GORGEOUS photos! And what a friendship those 2 have. I watched the video too-they're like 2 little kids playing in the woods. What a great story. The Fox and the Hound (or in this case German Shepherd) indeed! I love it!

    You find the BEST stuff Linda-that whole piece just made me smile. :)

  2. This is just wonderful. I smiled all through the video and the photos. I could watch this all day. Animals can get along with each other. Thanks Linda for making me smile. I just wish all animals wild and tame would get along this well...except for skunks of course.

  3. A beautiful friendship. I guess Sniffer thought Tinni was just a bigger fox. Too bad some humans can't understand the concept of friendship. They think Ownership and friendship are synonymous. Sometimes, animals are just smarter.

    Hahaha I love it Myra, except skunks. skunks make me nervous.

  4. I would love to buy the book for my Grand kids. This is so cute.