Friday, October 16, 2015

Dive Right In

I remember exactly where this photo was taken. We were in Bonaire. 

Gabe spotted the eel and had to get it on film. I'm not afraid of eels but this one did not want the diver paparazzi around it. I took the photo and signaled to Gabe that I wanted to go back. Why take a chance with an angry eel.

We were so lucky to see the reefs when they were  pristine. A wonderful link was sent to me about others who care about the ocean as much as we do.

Meet Four Real- Life Guardians Of The Sea.  Videos  and a excellent article.


  1. What a great photo-uh...ells? NOOOOO thank you-especially a NOT HAPPY one! Yikes......

    My computer is being stupid this morning so will go read the article later.....

  2. You have had so many amazing experiences with your dives. I would have been calling Gabe to pull me up. I don't think I would want to be up close and personal with an eel. Thanks for sharing this link.......very interesting,

  3. you're one brave lady Linda, that's for sure. I wish I could dive, I can't even snorkel anymore. Had a TM rupture and it never healed properly. at least I can live my adventures through your photographs. You take some amazing photos.