Monday, April 20, 2015

MM 143 Weeks

                                           This is the thunderstorm position. 


  1. He doesn't look too thrilled-and I can't say as I blame him. Our dogs were nowhere CLOSE to laying down during a thunderstorm. They were up and moving-sitting on our laps....Kayla was out in the kitchen opening cabinets and knocking food out of them....flipping the chairs in the dining room...flipping the toilet seats so they'd BANG-she went stark raving MAD during a storm. Cody sat on you and shook like a leaf in a wind storm and panted 100 miles an hour...........

    Same was true when people set off fireworks......

    Fun times!

  2. Those awful loud noises, my dogs have always tried to hide. I guess if you're head is under the bed, you're okay? I remember the good ol' days when we had 8 dogs. They All tried to climb on the bed with us, and the 3 cats to boot! Kitties under the covers. I had to sleep on sofa so they would stay off the bed. I wish there was a way to calm them down other than medication or stress vests that never worked

  3. My granddaughters' have a Jack Russell and how he hates thinderstorms. They have a compression jacket that he will wear if it's a prolonged episode . Seems to give him some comfort. The other pooch just puts up.I imagine the noise is hard on their ears too.

    Thanks for our Monday Max fix. Always looked forward to! :-)

  4. Awww This is the first picture of max that I've seen with a sad face. My princess Tiffany didn't like storms either..Angela I wondered if those jackets worked.

  5. I know that thunderstorm position well. Chase always hides behind the couch. Fireworks are the worst. I try to get him to the bedroom and close the door. Max looks like he would like the storms to be over with.