Thursday, April 23, 2015

300 Strangers

Wow! Check this out.The hearts of Shakopee Minnesota grew 3 sizes that day.


  1. First of all, I'm SO happy that this BEAUTIFUL little girl had the birthday party of her dreams.

    This story made me happy and sad....sad that this world has come to the place that a mother has to go on Facebook and announce that 10 kids that accepted the invitation to come to the party suddenly changed their minds, that no one was coming, so PLEASE 10 people in my circle, come and bring children close to my daughter's age.

    What's wrong with this picture? This child got dealt a rotten hand in life and has learned to deal with it and is doing just that....but she's is shunned at school because she's "different" and has no friends. All of a sudden people come out of the woodwork to celebrate her birthday with her when a few days before, no one could be bothered........

    What scares me is what happened when she went back to school on Monday? Business as usual? Kids don't play with her and she's by herself again?

    I'm thrilled that she had a wonderful party.....this quote from the Mayor's office said it all

    "Thank you for reminding us how we should treat each other every day,"

    If only people did just that...........

    What's happened to our world??????

    1. Carol- I thought when I added this that maybe someone will see it and might remember this when their kid is invited to a party.

      This is such a feel good article I wanted to put it out for all to see.

    2. You're right Linda.....I hope that people DO SEE THIS and remember it when it comes to their son or daughter going to another child's party.

      It really is a feel good article---you're right.....I'm really happy that things turned out happy for her.

  2. People, sometimes children can be cruel. Sorry to say, they learn it from somewhere. At least she one day of happiness. I can only pray she made some nice friends that day.

  3. I did see this on Facebook. I agree with Carol's Happy and Sad. It just makes you wonder what is wrong with the people of today. I am glad that this girl had her wonderful party, and I do hope that this will make people think twice about how they are raising their children.

  4. So very nice that so many turned out for this lovely child's birthday. However, the back story is so sad. It's rather a sad commentary when the Mom has to resort to, basically, begging on FB for someone to attend her daughter's birthday. As Carol mentioned, I also wonder how things were for the girl the next school day!