Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Start Salivating

I'm glad I found this site after dinner!

I've eaten lobster roll and didn't have to go to Maine for it. Gabe picks up a "bug" once in awhile and I make my own lobster roll.

The next thing I love is Peter Luger's sauce. It's delicious. I buy it at BJ's and buy a few bottles so I have it in Florida. Five thumbs up for this sauce!

Ok Pizza. Everyone thinks their cities pizza is the best but come on! Mama Mia- New York has some fine pies. Nothing like having a slice with extra cheese.

Cheese curds are one of my favorite things to get in Montreal besides St. Hubert's. One day we have to get poutine. Bet that would add more then a few pounds.

OMG- the first time I had a beignet I was in heaven. They are definitely  something I will have again.

Conch is popular in Cayman. We ate conch burgers which were fantastic.

Mussels! How I love them.  Gabe brings home bags that he picks off of wrecks when he does a dive.

A New York  bagel- be still my heart! Forget the red onion, I take mine with just the cream cheese and Lox.

SO... how many of these foods have you eaten?


  1. Well.....a lot of those look really good-especially the Beignets.....MMMMmmmmm-have never had one but I know I'd love one.

    I'm a born and raised New Englander and don't like lobster-so the lobster roll I'll let my daughter have...she's the seafood eater in the family-mussels and'd love her Linda.....

    Pizza? Only local or homemade.... bought with either butter or a touch of cream cheese-hold the lox.

    Bob has probably had quite a few of the dishes shown on his travels to Shanghai. Belgium. the Netherlands and Brazil.

    I will say I have had fish and chips with malt vinegar.....years ago I bought frozen English-style fish and chips at BJs......the vinegar really adds.

    I'm a pretty boring person. :)

    1. The way you cook? Not boring at all!

  2. Nah Carol you are not boring> I don't eat much of anything. Now Pizza I LOVE !! The more cheese it has the better it is. White pizza is a favorite of mine with black olives and onions. Also like garlic and bacon. My favorite pizza shop closed up, so now I am on the lookout for a new one. My Mother in Law used to make the best homemade pizza. She made the dough fresh.

    I am not a fan of seafood. I eat shrimp and salmon, but this is it. No lobster. Your daughter would fit in great with my family Carol......they love mussels and clams and the whole thing.....not me tho.

    Bagels I love, especially the NY bagels. Lots of cream cheese and with you Linda, Lox.

    Gelato I love....give a big bowl anytime.

    I am a very plain eater, if I don't know what it is, I don't eat it. Mostly eating chicken and beans these days. Watching the foods that I used to love.......very interesting to see all these foods....give me pizza and pasta and I am good to go.

    1. That's Gregory- pizza and pasta! No matter what I made he would always want pasta.

  3. I would love to try the lobster roll. I've had the drop dumpling.

    1. I hope one day you will get to try it Dottie.