Thursday, September 4, 2014

Cream Cheese Cake Mix Cookies

I usually don't say much when I post a recipe. I add tips and any change I made but this recipe has a little cute story I wanted to share.

I bought a LOT of cream cheese. Why you ask. First it was on sale and second I wanted to make Gabe a cheesecake for his birthday which was in July.

There are two cheesecake recipes that I always make. One is for cheesecake cupcakes and the other is from Dawn which is a fantastic recipe.

Gabe didn't want  cheesecake. He said it was to much for him to eat  since I have been  careful will "sweets" and  knew he couldn't eat the whole thing by himself. I did make him a "small cheesecake". The is the title to the recipe of a cheesecake pie which is outstanding and easy and will post when I make it again.

We are going to visit Gabe's parents in a few weeks and I need to find a recipe for cookies to take with me. Last year I made Carols A-Z Cookies. My in-laws loved them and this year I want to make something just as good.

Doing my search on google for cookies with cakemix & creamcheese I found Cream Cheese Cake Mix Cookies. I don't usually make cookies with cakemix due to the companies downsizing the boxes. Carol gave me a recipe for an extender, which works but I tend to stay away from box mixes now.

We are going to leave for Florida soon and I need to use up what I have and not buy anything new. I have a few boxes of cakemix I want to use up and plenty of cream cheese so this recipe worked out great.

My little buddies weren't here all summer. The rental was over September 1st. It happened to be very warm that day. I knew they would be home but didn't know when.

I started to make the cookies and I heard out side " I smell cookies".  Jake and Kyle were back and so was Luna!

One nice thing about this blog is I can look back and smile when I see this recipe. It's a  memory you want to share and never forget.

Oh- the kids loved the cookies. Kyle who doesn't like cream cheese said they were delicious.


1 ( 18 oz) cake mix- I used yellow
8 oz cream cheese- softened to room temp.
1/4 cup butter- softened to room temp.
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla- - I used Watkins Caramel Extract
1 cup add ins ( you can use chocolate chips, candy or whatever you prefer I used sprinkle because the kids love them)


Preheat oven to 375 degrees

Cream the cream cheese and the butter with an electric mixer and once combined add the egg and the vanilla.

Add the cake mix and mix again until everything is well combined.You might notice in the original recipe Sherry mixed the cakemix in by hand. It's up to you how you want to add the mix. It came out fine in the kitchen aid.

By hand add your mix ins. I added the sprinkles and made sure they were mixed in well.

Drop by rounded teaspoon onto to a ungreased cookie sheet.

I've  made cakemix cookie before and knew I had to flatten the dough. A glass moistened on the bottom works.

Once the cookies were flatten I sprinkled them with raw sugar.

Bake for 10-15 minutes. The recipe calls for 10 but I cooked them longer about 15 and left them on the cookie sheet a few minutes.

Cookie Girl will be busy baking and taste tasting! Guess my wii will be seeing more of me!


  1. This recipe looks great and the story around it made it even more interesting......even before I read your blog....just looking at the picture made me think of your boys coming back. I knew they loved the sprinkles. You are a good neighbor and I bet Max is delighted!!!

  2. I love to bake and the kids love cookies- it's such a perfect match!

    Max was so excited to see Luna. She was his first friend and he really loves her.

    One night Luna owners went out and left Luna outside. She was upset they didn't take her and she barked and cried. We heard it and so did Max. He ran back and forth from one room to another and then to the door. He wanted to find out if she was ok. We took him over and they played and played till Luna's family came home. They laughed. They told us they didn't think as Max as a babysitter!

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. LOL Linda.......Loved your blog entry today. Not just for the cookie recipe, which looks so good, I am going to make these. My grandkids love chocolate chip cookies, so this is what I will make. I have made cake mix cookies before, and they are easy and good.

    Love that the boys were smelling your cookies, and you must have been so excited to see them eat them. Max must be so happy. I love the story you told and also the one about Max "babysitting" Luna when the family wasn't home.

    This blog has always been a good one, and today's really made me smile and say I am glad I am here.

    1. Oh Myra- it make my heart happy that I gave you a smile today! That's what life is ALL about- making other people happy :-)

      You know how I hesitate to write on the blog. I use to be so good with words and now things just come out the way I want then to. Sometimes it works and today's post was something I wanted to share.

      I missed the kids and their hugs. Hugs exchanged for cookies is a good deal to me!

  4. I agree Linda, hugs are a great payment. You are still good with words. Sometimes I can't remember what word goes with which, but this is all part of getting older as I am told. Yes, you did give me a smile today.........thanks.

  5. Your cookies came out great Linda! Oh you know those boys smelled those cookies the minute they arrived home and got out of that car......they knew the Cookie Lady was baking something good.

    Max must have been over the moon to see Luna-and vice versa. Too cute about Max being all upset when he heard Luna barking and crying so he had to go investigate. They have a special relationship those two do. It must be hard for her when you guys leave for the winter-I bet she misses Max like crazy-as much as he does her. Too bad you couldn't pack her in the truck and take her with you huh? Can you only imagine the mischief those 2 would cause?

    I love the background story today too.....and I agree with Myra-you're VERY GOOD with words. :)

  6. These look really yummy! Don't think I ever had cookies made with cream cheese. I buy a lot of cream cheese when it's on sale as well.

  7. These look delicious! And I LOVE cream cheese... So I may have to try these :) I think it's great that your husband knew you were cutting back on sugars and changing his eating habits too.

  8. These cookies look so fun! Cream cheese is a favorite, and I have never tried it in cookies before. Oh, and sprinkles, don't even get me started!

  9. Wow, we need to try these. My kids would love the sprinkles!

  10. I loved reading the story to go with this recipe. I'm sure your in laws will love these cookies. The cream cheese makes them extra special and the sprinkles make them look fun!

    I had a baking disaster today (I'm not much of a baker). Using cake mix sounds like my speed lol!
    Thanks for sharing, Linda.

  11. you always tell a good story. I missed reading the blog daily. haven't been up doing much reading with the vertigo but that's almost gone now. These cookies look great and I always have cream cheese on hand! I bet Max was going bonkers when he heard Luna barking