Saturday, July 12, 2014


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This pretty much sums up all the photos if you don't want to click on the link

Alabama: This shows a typical scene at a college football game. The truck shows tailgating (drinking and grilling on the tailgate of a truck), the cheerleaders, and the football player.

Alaska: Natives fishing and yetis both enjoy pizza.

Arizona: A border patrol agent attempts to make peace with a Mexican by exchanging flowers.

Arkansas: Looks like some kind of trailer park party/hoedown.

California: Hippie chick riding her eco-Priuscycle down the Pacific Coast Highway.

Colorado: Cowboys, mountains, and snowsports are very popular in Colorado.

Connecticut: Several areas (Fairfield county...) are EXTREMELY rich in Connecticut. Wall Street money, basically.

Delaware: A tiny state that most people miss when driving through. Also, George Washington crossing the Delaware River is an iconic part of the American Revolution.

Florida: Full of old retirees, beaches, and alligators.

Georgia: Hotter than hell, Gone With the Wind scene.

Hawaii: Fantastic surfing conditions in Hawaii. Also, sharks, jet skis, freediving, and fishing.

Idaho: Grows lots and lots of potatoes, and that's all they're known for.

Illinois: Chicago, Illinois was made very famous in American movies and pop culture during the era of Prohibition when alcohol was illegal. This scene shows a "speakeasy" where people would go to buy and drink "lemonade," or illegal alcohol.

Indiana: Indianapolis 500 car race, a huge source of pride in Indiana and the United States.

Iowa: Grows a hell of a lot of corn and raises lots of cattle.

Kansas: Watch "The Wizard of Oz"

Kentucky: Reference to the very popular sport of horse racing and other forms of equestrian sport, huge in Kentucky.

Louisiana: Mardi Gras parade in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Maine: Maine catches lots of lobster every year. And there's lots of seagulls on the coast.

Maryland: Famous for crabs and beaches.

Massachusetts: This is another scene from the American Revolution. The guy on the horse is Paul Revere, a messenger and icon, that is riding away to warn the others of a British soldier who is threatening to bring British rule to the colonies (America.)

Michigan: Automotive manufacturing is still the dominant industry in Michigan. This shows an assembly line in a car factory.

Minnesota: Comparable to Siberia in terms of snowfall totals, Minnesota is largely a frozen wasteland during the winter. But the people are really nice.

Mississippi: Barbecue (BBQ) is a type of food that is delicious and a staple of a Mississippi diet. It's horrible for you, but it tastes so damn good.

Missouri: Shows a scene of a river raft on the Missouri/Mississippi River, since the rivers are a huge part of Missouri's way of life. Look up riverboats and early American exploration.

Montana: Big Sky Country, Montana is a beautiful state and because of such, some rich people like to vacation there, hence the waiter. However, the two other guys in the canoe are the famous explorers Lewis & Clark that "discovered" and mapped much of the Louisiana Purchase in the United States.

Nebraska: A pioneer times-wagon showing the influence that western expansion of the united states had on the State.The rock on the right is Chimney Rock.

Nevada: A Las Vegas style show. Nevada is home to Vegas and Reno, among other gambling cities, and showtunes are part of the attraction.

New Hampshire: Lovely places to stop and take in the mountains. Hiking and mountaineering are popular activities in New Hampshire.

New Jersey: This shows a typical scene found on one of the boardwalks along the Jersey shoreline that are like miniature carnivals, all along the seashore.

New Mexico: Look up "Roswell incident" on Google or Wikipedia. Many people believe that an alien spaceship crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico in the 1940's, and that the government has been covering it up ever since.

New York: The Statue of Liberty

North Carolina: The Wright Brothers were the first people to fly, and they did this on the beach in North Carolina. The girls in bathing suits are representative of the North Carolina seashore and its popularity as a tourist attraction.

North Dakota: There isn't much in North Dakota...cattle, cowboys

Ohio: Ohio seems to be the "swing state" that decides the results of major Federal elections.

Oklahoma: More farmland, more cows driving cars. More cowboys too.

Oregon: Hipsters, hipsters everywhere. The running joke of Oregon is that they are all a bunch of animal rights and environmentalists

Pennsylvania: Watch the "Rocky" movies about an underdog boxer played by Sylvester Stallone. The big piece of bread refers to Pennsylvania's love of subs.

Rhode Island: Shellfish fishing is a staple of Rhode Island, and these particular ones have decided to fight back. The shovels are used for clam digging, which is exactly what it sounds like.

South Carolina: This is on the tip of my tongue and I hate that I don't remember the reference for it.

South Dakota: There's still a lot of natives in South Dakota. This one, specifically, is Chief Crazy Horse. The four old timey guys are the US Presidents that are carved into Mount Rushmore: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, and Abe Lincoln.

Tennessee: This shows Elvis Presley getting one of his comically health-risking sandwiches in a music-themed diner. Music production is still a huge part of Tennessee and Elvis was, well, Elvis.

Texas: Everything's bigger in Texas, especially the cowboyed up Cadillacs.

Utah: Mountain biking is popular in Utah, and these guys are at Arches National Park, an area of Utah with several natural arches like this.

Vermont: Maple syrup, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, and Green Mountain (Keurig) coffee are what Vermont is known for. These people have taps in the maple trees, but instead of dispensing pure maple sap, they dispense ice cream and coffee. Also, Vermont is very green for most of the year, except in the fall and winter when it either looks like it's on fire, or blanketed in snow.

Virginia: Virginia is home to the biggest US Navy shipyards and the Navy has become a way of life in Virginia. As far as the other guys, they are a band called "The Village People" who sang a song actually called "In the Navy"!

Washington: Know Starbucks coffee? Yeah, from Seattle

West Virginia: Coal mining has been the dominant industry in West Virginia for decades. The lizard monster is just there for fun.

Wisconsin: America's dairy land, Wisconsin is famous for cheese, so much in fact that it seems to grow on trees.

Wyoming: Mountainous, beautiful, lowest population state in the country...and there's lots and lots of brown bears that will eat you.


  1. There was no link I could click on. I enjoyed reading about the different states tho.

    1. Ok, it's there. That's what happens when you are half awake LOL

  2. There are so many bikers here in Cali. Lots of female bikers too. Some of the guys have very long hair & you can't tell if they're male or female until you see hairy muscle arms!

    1. Yeah, we see them in Florida also. First time I spotted one I was like- OK- that's not a chick!

  3. Thanks for fixing it so the link is there. I loved seeing all the lego scenes from the different states. Some people are so creative. I am from Pa, and seeing the Rocky on the Art Museum Steps was so cool.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I always wanted to see the Art Museum. One day I hope to visit.

  4. Fun! All I know about Legos is I hate stepping on a stray one that forgot to get picked up when the kids leave. I'll have to send this link to Robin-both of her boys LOVE Legos-they'll get a kick out of this.

    1. I knew Robin's boys would like this-such talent to put it all together.

  5. I especially liked New Mexico and Kansas. So many of these are very clever. I have to say though...way too clean to be the French Quarter at Mardi Gras lol!

    1. That's what our son Gregory would say about the French Quarter. I've never been there but it's on the bucket list to see.

  6. Those were so cute.My son played with legos for hrs. I used to love them to. I really enjoyed the imagination of each state.

    1. I wish I still had all the Lego's Gregory had when he was a kid. Then again what would I do with them? Gabe sure would not want to move them to Florida!