Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ham Fried Rice

Gabe loves ham. He doesn't mind the leftovers as long as I don't cut the ham. It seems I don't have a good "eye" and the side aren't even when I cut.  

This recipe from That's Some Good Cookin' didn't need even slices. In fact we sort of cooked together on this one.

Gabe diced the ham and onions, as I added the ingredients to the wok, he read the directions to me. It worked beautifully.

He thanked and thanked me for this one. I don't eat rice. Just like coconut, it's on the "not for me" list. 

Yes, he loved it and told me to make sure I save it on my blog. I was lucky to get a picture. He went back for second and thirds!


3 tablespoons oyster sauce
1 tablespoon sesame seed oil
2 teaspoons hoisin sauce
2 tablespoons peanut oil
1 cup yellow onion, small dice
2 medium carrots, diced ( used frozen peas and carrots)
3/4 cup diced ham 
3 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 cup frozen green peas
2 eggs, lightly beaten
4 cups cold, cooked brown rice ( we were out of white, I had a box of brown rice. I bought it thinking if he's going to eat rice let him eat something healthy)


Cook the rice according to directions. After it's cooked, let it cool down in the refrigerator. I cooked the rice a few hours before I made the dish.

In a small bowl mix the oyster sauce, sesame oil and the hoisin   sauce together.  Set it aside for later.

Break up the cold rice. Use a spoon or your clean hands to make sure there isn't any clumps.

Heat your wok over high heat and add the peanut oil carefully. Tilt the wok to make sure the oil  covers the sides and bottom of the wok.

Once your oil is hot, add the onions and ham ( suppose to add the carrot now but I used frozen so added that later with the peas)

Stir the ham and onions for 2 minutes.

Add the garlic next and stir fry with the ham and onions for another minute.

In the wok goes the peas and carrots and and mix with the ham and onion and garlic mixture until thoroughly combined.

Pour the beaten eggs over the ham and vegetable mixture and stir until the eggs are set.

Add the rice and continue to stir fry until it's heated through

Pour the sauce mixture over the rice and stir fry until the sauce mixture is completely combined and rice is hot

Serve immediately.



  1. Oh my gosh that looks good! Now I kinda wish I'd made fried rice instead of what I did with our leftover ham. I'd have to nix the peas when I make it-I think they add a nice pop of color but Bob would pop me if I added them-he thinks of peas like you think of rice and coconut, Linda.

    I had to laugh when you said if he's gonna eat rice, it might as well be healthy brown rice. I use that more than white rice now-we actually like the taste better.

    And I agree-chopsticks to eat rice? Maybe I should try that-it would take me so long to get the hang of using them by the time I did-IF I ever did-I wouldn't be hungry any more. That can be my new way to diet! :)

    Thanks so much for sharing this and thank you Terri for another great recipe. I've made some of her other recipes and all of them have been a big hit.

    Off to pin!


  2. This looks very good Linda, I love rice and most of the recipes from New Orleans have a rice base. I cooked a ham at Easter and have been adding ham to many dishes. The latest one was a red beans dish. I substituted ham for the andoullie (sp) sausage because I don't like the only kind we get up here. I will have to try your ham and fried rice dish, it looks delicious.

  3. This looks really good Linda. The only problem is, it has some ingredients that I don't eat, like eggs. I never get fried rice, because of this. I am not a big ham person. I will eat it if it has lots of brown sugar on it. Lately I have been making things that don't use lots of ingredients, because I had so many things in the house that had expired, and decided that I am only buying what I know I will eat. It is lots different when you live alone, and don't cook like you used to. Luckily the salad bar in the grocery store has veggies cut up and I can buy as few as I want. Problem I am having is with spices, you have to buy such a big jar, and I end up throwing it away after a few years. But, I did enjoy reading the blog and looking at the wonderful picture.

  4. We eat a lot of rice and usually have leftovers. Fried rice is such a great dish for using leftovers...and not just rice. Leftover meats too, like you've done here. I used to make fried rice often, but for some reason haven't done so in a while. Thank you for sharing, Linda. Hope you had a nice weekend!