Saturday, February 22, 2014

Star Map Shawl

I think this is beautiful! For those that knit the pattern is HERE

There is also a southern hemisphere version, by the same designer, called Southern Skies

Additional photos of the shawl Here


  1. That is absolutely gorgeous. Someone did some beautiful work that's for sure. The actual knitting doesn't look too daunting but attaching all those crystal beads does............YIKES! What a masterpiece you'd have in the end. The color of that beautiful yarn really makes that shawl-it makes the stars pop. I think I like this one over the Southern Skies one-I didn't care much for the accentuated holes in that one...

    I don't know if I'd tackle something that big but it sure is pretty!

  2. This is stunning. I would love to make it. It would be a beautiful shawl for evening wear. I know I wouldn't get a good price if I sold it in the craft store I sold my crafts at. People don't realize how much your time you put forth in this is worth.Your lucky to get what you put into it as far as your goods you bought to make it. But I would really like to tackle it. Beautiful work this person did..

  3. Carol- I'm going to ask my MIL about this pattern- Think she needs a new project.

    Dottie- totally agree! No one wants to pay for your time. I see it all the time. Make it for you!