Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dementia Village

This is awesome. I can't imagine the mental stress of being confined and unable to remember why/when, on top of not fully understanding your surroundings from one moment to the next. This is a fantastic idea that allows a somewhat normal existence while still being able to provide excellent care and attention.

I would love to see more pictures of this place in the Netherlands. It's a  fantastic idea, but it would never work in American. The Nursing Homes are greedy institutions  and not only take everything in your life that you have worked for but also leave you no dignity.

The article on Dementia Village


  1. Oh my goodness. I watched Dr. Gupta's video of this place with tears in my eyes. To see how the residents are treated in this place makes my heart smile. It shows how much the elderly are respected and valued in the Netherlands. Hogeway makes sure they keep their dignity and are as happy as they can possibly be.

    Oh how I wish there was a place like this here.

    Linda, don't even get me started on nursing homes. We in this country have no choice but a nursing home if we can't take care of our aging parents. I watched a nursing home take every cent my aunt had saved with my uncle...she couldn't live alone and had no children to take care of her plus had severe dementia........she had no idea her money was gone and she had to go on state aid. That alone would have killed her.

    Now I'm going through it with my mother-she doesn't know her money is almost gone.......every penny she and my Dad worked their whole lives for going without to save money.........the nursing home she's in has taken almost all of it. She sits in a chair all day and stares at a breaks my heart. How happy she'd be in a place like Hogeway.......she loved to shop and walk outside.

    I'm sure the cost is the same as a nursing home but the level of care looks SO much higher.

    I only pray that I'm pushing up daisies before anything like what's going on with my Mom happens to me-I never never EVER want to be a burden to my daughter and I KNOW my Mom feels the same way. It's just all so sad.............

  2. The couple of times we had to put Momma in one would break my heart. It was after she would fall and break a bone when she would shake so bad . She would jerk to the point of taking a fall. We were grateful to have one close to us and she was treated good. It broke my heart when I would have to leave . But her stays were only 4 to 6 weeks at a time when she was in one. Her Parkensons is what was causing the falls. This is hurting to talk about . I miss Momma and Daddy so much. I pray I don't get Alzehmers and Parkensons . With as much as my Sons and Grandchildren check up on me or care . I would be in one of those nursing homes we don't want.

  3. I know way to many hard working people who have had to give up their homes so they could afford to stay in a nursing home. Once all their money was gone they were placed in the hands of the government and a few were transferred to other "homes" not in the area they spent their life.

  4. It's a very scary thing.........I'm thinking this we're all living longer than years past isn't all it's cracked up to be.........if this is what getting older is gonna gain me? I want nothing to do with it-I'd rather be long gone..............