Monday, December 9, 2013

MM 72 Weeks

I took this yesterday afternoon. My guys didn't want to stay outside, the a/c was on and they both wanted to get back in the house.

                                                            A little snooze by the tree. 


  1. I am so so so jealous. I would be sitting outside, no matter what the temps were. As you know we got the crappy snow yesterday, and boy were those weather people way off the road with this forecast. Max and Gabe look like they are planning how they are going to get back inside. And boy did Max zonk out. The tree looks so nice. Does Max try to play with the ornaments? I wanna give him a hug....give him one for me.

    1. Myra- he was hot! He wanted in so he could get on the nice cool tile! Spoiled? No he doesn't bother with the tree, think he know's there's nothing under it for him.
      Give Chase a hug for us.

  2. Hahahah-I love that first photo-Max looks like he's saying "BUT DAAAAAD............"

    I bet he loves the nice cool tile after being outside in the warm. I'm with you, Myra-I'd LOVE some of that warm here-first shovelable snow of the season-man I'm not ready for this nonsense................

  3. Strange to have a Christmas tree up in 80 degree weather!

  4. I am with Myra all the way at being Jealous. Gosh we go outside for the AC now. Max is such a beautiful Big Boy..How nice that he doesn't mess with the tree. My Princess Tiffany was at all the gifts under the tree. Lady Lucia doesn't know what to do . Unless you had her a wrapped gift. I haven't had it in me to put up a tree the last couple of years. Just not up to it anymore. I do have a beautiful 4ft Fiber Optic White tree . But even that I am not up to doing . You all have a wonderful blessed Christmas.

  5. I love this photo of Max and Gabe. Max really looks like he's trying to get his point across to Gabe! Such a beautiful tile floor for Max to lie down and cool off upon! Luckily my little guys are leaving the tree alone, too. Thank God!