Saturday, December 7, 2013

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

                                                               Our neighbors house


  1. Oh my goodness! Your neighbors really have the Christmas spirit! Not many people decorate outside around here any more. Bob NEVER did-I'm lucky to get him helping decorate the tree INSIDE............he's the original GRINCH don'tcha know?....and he's the first one to admit it. :)

  2. Nice job decorating to your neighbor! Looks good!

  3. Oh, your neighbor's house looks so nice. Must be fun to sit and look at it at night. Most of my street and the area decorates. Not me, I am a scrooge.

  4. When Max saw the inflatable dogs he was ready to go over and check them out, he sat and just looked at them and wondered why they didn't come over to play with him. Too cute.

    Chris - I love the candy canes, they really look beautiful.

    Myra and Carol- I have a wreath on the door and a Christmas flag. The flags were left by the previous owners otherwise it wouldn't be up!