Monday, November 4, 2013

MM 68 Weeks

Max loves walking around Lake Desoto. Plenty of ducks to terrorize and other dogs that he meets along the walk. 

He's overly enthusiastic and thinks all the dogs should love him, which you know that isn't going to happen. He just loves to play and wants another buddy to chase around. Unfortunately there aren't any dog parks in the area where he can blow off some of his steam.


  1. Well shoot, I was hoping Max would find a buddy to play with in FL....but no one will take the place of Luna in his eyes I'm sure. I bet he keeps Gabe hoppin' on those walks with his anxious pulling and tugging to get at the ducks or other dogs huh?

    What a pretty area-and it looks so nice and warm.....I'll come here and bask in that when we're freezing up here. :)

  2. What a beautiful place for Max to walk around. It is sad that there are no dog parks. Maybe if you went to a pet store and asked around if there were any dogs who would like to have play dates :-). It is hard when they are used to having playmates, and now they don't. He is so handsome.

    Lucky you to be in the warm is freezing here today.

  3. How cute! And what a lovely place to take his walks.

  4. Gm All, I knew I'd see that handsome fellow here this morning. Love that purple collar. What a pretty area.
    Good luck Linda with your new Home ! Enjoy.


  5. Oh if I had a walking area as beautiful as that is and it wasn't overly warm to walk. I would walk along side of Max everyday. Wonderful pictures of MM . I have never seen a bad picture of Max. He is a handsome fellow.