Monday, September 30, 2013

MM 63 Weeks



  1. Max looks as if he is leading Gabe on the way. What a cute picture of Max and Luna.....seems as if Max is looking to the sky and saying hey lets try to fly.

  2. Love the sign-with a few of our dogs it was more like WALK THE OWNER! Sheesh.........

    What a cute photo the last one is-Max is gonna miss Luna somethin' fierce.........

  3. I agree, he's going to miss his playmate. I hear ya on the walk the owner. had a few Akita's and they take you for a Yank, not a walk. I've taken to calling Bully, BULLDOSER I can't walk her anymore, she drags me. I love your Max photo's, you can almost understands what he wants to say by the look on his face. LOL Myra, I bet he would love to fly!