Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Save Money on Prescriptions

I picked up a prescription yesterday and was shocked at the price. One month- 160.00 dollars.

I found this site and hope it helps everyone save some money.


  1. That's a good tool to check prices at different stores in your area-I often wonder how it is one place can charge SO much more than another place for prescriptions..........that's just not right. I remember my MIL having to get a prescription for something after she had her knee replacement surgery-her husband went to the grocery store where she gets all her prescriptions filled and it was well over 200 dollars-he called her and she said no way-he went to Target with the prescription and saved well over $100.00. Unbelievable.

    We're very lucky to have a good RX plan for Bob's regular medication that we do through mail order...........once he retires....well it oughta be very interesting..............

    Thanks for sharing the link Linda. :)

  2. It really does pay to check out the prices. I get my regular prescriptions from my mail order, and it isn't too bad. I do have coverage from my insurance. Some of the prices are unbelievable. Going to check out this link, thanks Linda, for sharing.

    1. I will see that others get this also Linda..if you don't mind. I know Larry will want to check it out. It's sad that we have to pay these prices and Canada's prices are so costly .Lot's of the seniors that can, go to canada to get their meds. This shouldn't be the case in the states.

    2. Dottie- Please share! If this can help anyone save money, it will be a good thing.


  3. Bookmarked this site... saved for future reference. Thanks!


  4. Thank you again for your flawless service, and I look forward to working with you in the future.