Monday, August 5, 2013

MM 55 Weeks

            No more pictures! What is this? Linda the Paparazzi!

                                                                Driving Mighty Max 


  1. Does he ever get tired of smiling?? What a dog. Max is so happy. He sure does have a great life.

    Max you are a Sweetheart*


  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh he's just shy! Yeah right-he LOVES the camera and the camera loves him.

    That second photo cracks me up-he looks like he's sitting in his limo waiting to be transported..........forget "Driving Miss Daisy" about "Motoring Mighty Max"?

    He's just too darned cute for me. :)


  3. Just getting on late today. LOL, "Motoring Mighty Max" I agree Janie, he always is smiling. What a beautiful dog.

    Linda you had me laughing with your captions.

    Boy am I beat. What a busy busy but fun weekend. My huge party was a big success. Now I need a long recoup week.

    Going to rest up now.....but had to check out MM.

  4. CUTE!! Driving Mr. Max... where's his Miss Daisy?!

  5. Thanks everyone for peeking in.

    Myra- you should of gotten Janie and Carol to cater it for you:-) Those two have some great recipes.

    Dawn- there might be a Ms. Daisy. Thinking of getting another dog ( rescue). What do you think of the name- Maxine?