Friday, June 21, 2013

Andy's Birthday Cookies

Andy is Gabe's diving buddy and good friend. When I found out it was his birthday I asked what kind of cookies he wanted and said chocolate chip.

My printed favorite's are in Florida so I just went with the original
Toll House Cookies recipe.

Happy Birthday Andy!

Short little story Andy told us which actually happened.

Andy is a contractor and was working in a customers house. The guy told him his partner died in the house and it was haunted. Andy blew it off and never thought about while working in the house.

One day he was working on the plumbing and a fitting just didn't want to go on and he was frustrated and said a few "choice" words. As he was venting a door slammed. No one in the house but Andy. It sort of creeper him out.

He finished and his customer was extremely pleased with his work and asked him if he ever needed anything could he call Andy. You don't say no to work and he said to call anytime.

 People who own luxury homes in this area only use them on the weekends. There was a problem and Andy was called.

The house was empty and Andy remembered the door incident and wasn't crazy about going back into an empty house so he took his little dog, Hazel.

Hazel was a mix breed and completely devoted to Andy. While Andy worked downstairs Hazel was right by Andy's side.

No choice words this time but the door slammed again. Hazel shot upstairs where the door had closed. There's a loaf so Andy could see Hazel upstairs.

What he saw was Hazel backing up while still looking forward barking in a tone she never used.

Once he got her down he got in his truck and hasn't been back to that house.

Now, you may think this was a story told around a few drinks. Andy doesn't drink. He was picking up cookies and told us about what happened the night Sandy hit when he had to go to another home in the area where a man was murdered.


  1. YIKES! I totally believe a house can be haunted-and you wouldn't catch me going back-especially by myself. Animals know when something isn't right and Hazel sure saw something. I think I would have been leaving skid marks going out that door!

    Andy does look like one happy man with his can of birthday cookies. :) Ya can't go wrong with good old chocolate chip cookies-they look delicious, Linda.

    Gotta go tell Bob that story-he believes in spirits-has seen one when he was living at his mother's......

  2. Oh my, what a great story !! I do believe that things can happen. A haunted house is enough to make me not want to go, but I loved the story. I also believe that dogs can sense things humans do not, and if Hazel felt something, it was there. Glad I didn't read this before bedtime, cause I would be dreaming of it.

    I agree, Andy does look very happy with his can't go wrong with Chocolate Chip, and he is a lucky guy. You can tell him I think he is really a handsome guy.

    Thanks for sharing this Linda

  3. I believe this happened also. Yes our animals pick this up. I have a picture of a ghost that is in December's Card and gift store. I will have to send to you with the story behind it.
    Yes I agree Andy is extremely Handsome. I'm sure those cookes were enjoyed ..