Thursday, May 9, 2013

Did you say "smile"?

Both trails at Morton's have turkeys that are always in the way. People bring bird seed to feed the chickadee's  and most of the seed falls on the ground. The poor little birds don't stand a chance with these guys around!

When they see someone, they do a stare down. It's like they are expecting to be fed!

This turkey was blocking both paths. I didn't have seed, just my camera and I must of taken 25 pictures, this being the best one out of the bunch.


  1. Tom Turkey needs to lighten up. He looks so, so serious!


  2. LOL Dawn........he sure does look serious. He must be thinking, no pictures, I am not going to be posted on your blog.
    It is so strange to me to think of turkeys running around wild. I really enjoy seeing these pictures you take. Mortons must be a great place to walk.

  3. We have wild turkeys in our yard every afternoon-sometimes just one, sometimes a whole herd of them....the babies are so dang cute.

    This one above definitely looks like he was ready for his Kodak moment! :)

  4. We have them as well. They are so funny when they are courting the ladies. They puff themselves out and strut like a mummer. All they need is music.

    What a brood the female has. At least a dozen chicks. They are amazing.

    Oh yea that's a stand down !


  5. He doesn't look too pleased LOL

    Have a turkeytastic week :-)

  6. Wow, That turkey looks like the gatekeeper that won't let you pass until you pay the toll.

    1. I could not get around him! The path is narrow and the woods are full of ticks. I waited him out and when he finally realized no food was coming his way he slowly moved.

  7. We have wild turkey on the road that I live on, but they are only in the road if I'm running late, ;)

  8. Love how they are waiting to be fed. It's like they are tame almost. Thanks for linking up! #shareasmile